Dreaming of Hillary

Hillary Clinton is starting to become the Lady Gaga of politics and even conservatives are dreaming of Hillary in the White House. Certainly, Hillary has managed to escape the damaging poll collapse of her boss, the President, and that is a pretty good trick considering Obama has managed to put together one of the worst foreign policy since the late 70’s. (Okay, guess who was President then?)

The latest in the "Will Hillary run?" was the Pete DuPont piece in the Wall Street Journal. As Mr. DuPont noted, there is feeling among normal Americans that this President is “over his head and out of his depth” and contrasts that to Hillary Clinton, who as a President candidate will be one of the more experienced and has previously run, if she chooses to challenge Obama in 2012.

Of course, one has to ask what does that experience portend? As the first Lady, she proposed Obamacare when it was called Hillary care. And she showed the same political deftness that Obama showed in pushing his. The only difference was that Republicans managed to stop Hillary Care and now faced the prospect of having to repeal Obamacare. What people tend to forget is as First Lady, her failure in pushing Hillary Care cost the Democrats the House and that was in an economy that was actually growing with unemployment significantly less than today.

After the 1994 congressional elections, Hillary went back to the kitchen to bake cookies and act like a traditional first lady as Democratic moderates took control of the Clinton administration. When she ran for President, the impression was that she would be the tougher President when dealing with our enemies but there is no evidence yet that she had not made much impact on toughening the President policies. In the Middle East, she has been relegated to the second team (even though this may be blessing since much of the Middle East team selected by Obama has not distinguish themselves. Obama has already fired two Afghan commanders and his Israeli policy so far has been distinguished by how he’s managed to undermine our best ally in the region.)

South America policy has been nothing short of disaster. When Honduras forced out a Chavez ally from overthrowing its Constitution, the Obama administration tried to force Honduras to reinstitute their Chavez ally back as President. And our relation with Europe is now in total disarray as many of our Allies are wondering our dependability. Our Central Europeans are wondering if they are part of any grand deal to reset our Russian relations and our other European friends are asking themselves; are the Americans just going plain nuts with their economics? As the Europeans have seen the endgame of their welfare state, they see Americas heading straight into economic ruin they are trying to avoid, but Obama seems intent on not waiting for a generation to produce economic ruin.

It could be argued that a President Clinton would be a more competent President since her time as United States gave her a political maturity she lacked in 1992 but her economics is no less radical than the guy we elected. There were times she ran to the left of Obama in the primary and her recent advice to South Americans on the need to tax the rich shows that she has learned nothing on economics.

Yes Hillary is smart enough to be President but it is not just about being smart but learning the right lessons about history. DuPont dreams, “If Mrs. Clinton made the case that America must get rid of the huge debt the current administration has created, must create much better economic growth with lower tax rates, and must strongly assist employer job creation, she would appeal to a broad voter coalition.” Okay, does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton will push for lower taxes much less reverse the Obama domestic agenda?

Hillary is not running for President in 2012 no matter the rumors, speculations or wishful thinking. I do see a Hillary run for Veep, especially if Obama goes into 2012 in the same position as he is presently. A Obama-Clinton ticket would certainly be stronger than a Obama-Biden but then it would have been the stronger ticket in 2008. Obama won’t seek Hillary as his number two unless there is desperation and 2012 could be desperation time for Obama.


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Desperation in 2012? You mean like it was desperation for Clinton in 1996 and desperation for Reagan in 1984? Two years is a lifetime in politics as the last two years have demonstrated. Who knows what the political environment will look like two years from now. Anyone claiming to know is fooling themselves.
Regarding the content of the article. I don't foresee Clinton running against the President. First, I think it will be unprecedented for a member of the President's Cabinet to run against him. Second, there has never been a successful primary challenge to a sitting President in modern history. If someone could do it, it would be Hillary Clinton, but that too is dreaming.
Clinton as Veep is interesting, but the administration won't be fooling anyone. I don't think that would happen.
Now, lets be honest here, Clinton is still relatively young. If she wanted too, she could run and serve two terms and still be younger than the oldest President. But, I honestly believe Clinton is ready to retire. Whether that would be in 2012 or some other time, we'll have to wait and see.

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