Eat Your Veggies!

Most liberals are genuinely good people, but sadly they are misinformed, arrogant, and nearsighted. Their inability to see that a fact is a fact regardless of who says it, is the biggest problem liberals have and of course this hinders their decision-making skills and leads them to believe in failed policies and place their faith in the "omnipotent" state.

Now as I said before, most liberals are good people and believe that they are helping people, but they are also very nearsighted and ignore what problems may arise a few years down the road; after all, the government will just fix whatever problems may arise. The best example of this ill-fated faith in government and inability to accept opposing facts as valid is farming subsidies. As part of the "New Deal", certain crops (namely corn) were subsidized by the government, and in typical liberal fashion, these subsidies continued long after the problem they were meant to solve was solved. So here we are decades later and the cheapest and most abundant crop is corn. The #1 killer of Americans is obesity and weight-related disorders such as diabetes, and of course this is because of our eating habits. But why do Americans eat such fatty foods? It is because the common ingredient in all these fattening, yet delicious foods is corn starch and corn syrup! So because the government began subsidizing corn almost 70 years ago, an apparent abuse occurred and now we are all at risk of becoming fat because the government has made it so easy for us.

This isn't a difficult concept, it's just a matter of connecting the dots. The government intervened to aid in relief, the farmers became dependent on the subsidies, the food companies took advantage of the cheap crop, the public thought the foods created from a synthesized version of this cheap crop were tasty, and now we are a nation with a serious obesity and health problem. When liberals see a problem they tout more government as the solution, but they fail to realize how hard it is to get off the dole, and they fail to think of the problems that may arise from an increase in government dependence.

So we now find ourselves being told that we need the government to intervene and fix our healthcare system. Well maybe had the government stayed out of our lives in the first place we'd all be healthier and of course another government intervention would not be "necessary".

Americans have a horrible tendency to elect liberals in times of crisis, and I understand the fear that drives this phenomenon but the reality has been that liberals fix crisis in the short term but cause longer-lasting and more serious problems. Maybe we should give conservatives a chance to fix problems, it might take longer than most of us would like, but conservative solutions embolden the power of the individual to create their own prosperity. Plain and simple, the only people who would find this to be crazy are people who are lazy! Why would anyone want to have a government thousands of miles away make decisions for you, your family, your health, and your future? Lazy people of course would because it is so much easier to just have the government "solve" your problems when it requires no thought on your part. As I have said before, conservatism is like vegetables, it might not be your first or most appealing choice, but in the end you know it is what's best for you . . . and liberalism is like fried and junk food, it might be much more appealing and convenient but we all know that it is bad for your health.

Of course I might seem biased since I am opposed to Obama(LackOf)Care, but the facts remain that government interventions can be bad for our health, literally. And our current government is very similar to the government that subsidized crops and have lead to our current health problems; except unlike the liberals back then, our current batch of liberals believe that America is so far broken that we cannot take care of ourselves. This Administration does not want to subsidize our food, they want to subsidize our most precious assets: our health, well-being, and lives!


Isn't Texas the fattest state in the nation? And run by conservatives?

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