E.B. Johnson letter to CBC Foundation: "I would like the check ... issued to the student as opposed to the school"

The following was just released by the Broden for Congress campaign:

Stephen Broden, candidate for US Congress from Texas District 30 received documents showing that Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson asked the Congressional Black Caucus Scholarship Fund to make their college scholarship checks payable to her family members, not to any college:

“Our campaign has received copies of letters sent by Eddie Bernice Johnson in 2006 in which she directed the CBC Scholarship Foundation to have scholarship monies for her own grandchildren and other relatives, paid out by CBC via personal checks made payable directly to her grandchildren and great-nephews. In one letter she requests that for a non-family member the scholarship check be payable to and sent to the college, but for her relatives that the checks be directly paid to her family members.

Contrary to Johnson’s statement in the Dallas Morning News on September 3rd that she has not “dwelled on figuring out how to give my grandchildren $1,000 a year” she apparently has done exactly that. Congresswoman Johnson not only abused the CBC scholarship fund program by awarding scholarships to ineligible family members instead of deserving District 30 students ------she made sure that the money went right to their wallets.

I demand a full ethics investigation in light of this further evidence that Eddie Bernice Johnson has total disregard for the rules and guidelines of the CBC Scholarship Fund.

District 30 residents deserve better leadership in Washington. Eddie Bernice Johnson has violated the voters’ trust and cheated the dreams of our outstanding young students.

Stephen Broden
Candidate for US Congress—TX Dst 30

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Click to view readable version of the letters from Eddie Bernice Johnson to Congressional Black Caucus Scholarship Fund.



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how can anyone with a conscience keep electing these self-serving liars and cheats who contiuously break rules and laws and claim ignorance....I'll tell you, these same publically elected officials who think they know more than we do, yet have no clue how to make ends meet and balance a budget or live witin a paycheck.  They keep giving away our, the tax payers, money to those who don't pay taxes but keep yelling, "Where's my handout"

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