Economy, Religion Among Reasons more Texans turn to Home Schooling

As 4.5 million students return to Texas public schools today, an estimated 300,000 students will stay home to receive their lessons. The numbers in families opting to home school their children is on the rise and has reportedly grown about 20% in the past five years. 

For Tina Robertson, a mom who runs a group for parents new to home schooling called New Beginnings, today's start of school is like any other day. Robertson told the Houston Chronicle that she is planning on taking her three children, who have been home schooled since kindergarten, to the park today. 

“Home schooling is a lifestyle,” Robertson said. “The line between learning and living gets blurred — and it should.”

Tim Lambert, president of the Texas Home School Coalition explained:

“The economy does have an impact on folks. We saw families last year who had their kids in a private school, times were tough and they couldn’t afford to do that anymore, but they didn’t want to put them in a public school.”

Other reasons for choosing home schooling?

The most recent survey of parents by the National Center for Education Statistics found that families primarily opted to home school because they wanted to provide religious or moral lessons to their children. Other top reasons include parental concerns about safety, peer pressure and the academic instruction at traditional schools.
Parents in Texas are not required to register with any agency or to get their curriculum approved. Legal rulings have upheld that parents simply are supposed to have a curriculum that teaches reading, spelling, grammar, math and good citizenship.

Is home schooling the future of Texas education? Hey, what better way to avoid teachers unions?



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I would not want my children to go to public schools today.  The teachers and their unions have made it so pitiful, and the children do not really get taught what they should be taught in school.  I live in Ohio now ... a very depressed state economically for sure.  Unions were big here during the big steel era.  They have ruined this state.  There are few if any jobs here now.  Thankfully we have a community hospital in town, and a university, but if it were not for those two places we would not even be able to survive.  Home schooling is big up here, and I have many friends/relatives who home school their children.  When you spend time with these families these kids are well-rounded, they are intelligent, well read, and mannerly.  Good for the people who home school.  I would not give the public schools or their teachers my children.  They use textbooks that are untrue, and want to ruin and corrupt the children's minds.  Thank goodness we have people willing to work hard and do this type of thing.  Keep up the good work!

For our family homeschooling have brought the following blessings:
Superb education based on Christian values.
A deep understanding of American and World history without misleading liberal ideas and in a Christian perspective.
A clear understanding of who we are as Americans.
The wisdom that is obtained through the Word of God.
A very close relationship with your kids, so much that parents become the main influence in their lives.
The amazing JOY of enjoying family life ALL the time!
And the list goes on and on... what a blessing it is to live in TX!


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