America's Status Regarding jobs - Compared to Europe

The Left is apoplectic over the economy.  They’re going nuts trying to spin the numbers to make things look bad.  If nothing else, they use the old standby — if it’s a good thing, we did it!  Not!

For so many years you’ve heard that we should be more like Europe.  Well, we’re getting there in one good way.  We’re doing better than most of Europe with regard to unemployment.  What’s amazing is that we’re about even with the lesser sized countries of Europe.  Check out the statistics at Statista which is a statistical analysis website.

Please click on the following link to see where the U.S. stands with regard to unemployment and all of the European member states.  Scroll wayyyy down to the bottom to see the U.S.’s equivalent country at 3.8%.

Unemployment Rate in Member States

Pretty amazing for a bloke that doesn’t know what he’s doing and is, according to the Left, an idiot.


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