Another Week, Another 5 Million+ Unemployed

It's time to face a fundamental question. Is locking down the economy to fight Covid-19 worth the tradeoff of a self-imposed great depression?

Experts have estimated that more than 30% of the small businesses closed will never reopen. Yet, there are some so-called leaders, even in Texas, who don't really care.

Economically, in six plus weeks the shutdown has wiped out our economic gains of the last four years. Remember just a few months ago, we had the lowest unemployment rate in decades, we're now on our way to the worst numbers since the 1930's and the job destruction has been self-imposed.

It seems that those who want the shutdown to continue are always moving the goal line. The latest "requirement," we need millions of tests before we can reopen America. It could take another three or four months to achieve that. Let's be honest, at this rate, in four months the unemployment could be greater than 40%.

This economic destruction causes unbelievable stress and yes, stress destroys lives. As summarized last week by Rush Limbaugh, "We are destroying businesses... we are destroying livelihoods. We're destroying dreams. We are destroying lives."

Another result of the shutdown is that in this short period our food banks around the country are being overwhelmed. What do you think months more of this will do?

The liberal media can always be counted on to attack the wrong thing. Axios (left wing media web newsletter) on Friday April 17, 2020, called out President Trump because he encouraged citizens to push to reopen the economy. First Amendment anyone?

The problem is we can all start speaking out and get America moving again or stay quiet and be led like lambs to the economic slaughterhouse.

Let's be smart, take sensible precautions and find ways to open up our economy.


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