August Jobs Report

Today I released the following statement regarding the August unemployment report:

Today’s weak jobs report shows that the Administration’s anti-growth agenda continues to prevent Americans from finding job opportunities that they need and deserve. According to a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, the labor force participation rate is the lowest it has been since the late 1970’s. In addition, the U.S. employment rate of 59 percent is still lower than the prerecession level of 62.9 percent, resulting in a gap of 10 million Americans who are still jobless. But even for the Americans who are able to find employment, 58 percent of the recovery growth is attributed to lower-wage occupations resulting in a deficit of good paying, full-time jobs.

House Republicans understand that Americans deserve better than mediocre opportunities. Yet Harry Reid continues to refuse to allow the Senate to vote on House-passed legislation, which would create thousands of jobs and reinvigorate the American workforce. As President Obama and Harry Reid dig in their heels in defiance against our common sense economic solutions, I will continue to work hard and support legislation that gives Americans the opportunities that they deserve.




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