Bold Tax Reform Passes the People's House

The U.S. House of Representatives – the People’s House – took action last week on the most transformational tax overhaul in a generation. This legislation brings us one step closer to delivering bold, pro-growth, pro-family tax reform for Texans and Americans throughout this nation.

For too long, our broken tax code has put the needs of the people second – propping up Washington special interests at the expense of hardworking Americans.  It rewarded companies for outsourcing American jobs instead of encouraging them to create jobs here at home. It has eroded America’s economic leadership around the world. And our businesses, our workers, our ‘Made in America’ products – which are the best in the world – are bearing the consequences of Washington’s failure to fix it. That stops now, and it stops with the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act."

With this historic bill, we will provide greater simplicity for every taxpayer and bring real fairness to every hardworking American. We will be more competitive worldwide and here at home, and we will deliver a new tax code built for a new era of American prosperity. 

The vote we took last week is a big step forward – but it is not the final step. We will continue to strengthen this legislation and, working with the Senate, we will put tax reform on the President’s desk by the end of the year for the first time in 31 years.  


I joined my colleagues in Congress last week to pass the most significant military authorization in nearly a decade. The National Defense Authorization Act, known as the NDAA, addresses some of the biggest challenges facing our men and women in uniform. From significantly boosting our military readiness to improving our missile defense, this bill ensures our military has the resources and support they need to carry out their mission and defend our freedoms. And just in time for the holiday season, we authorized the largest pay raise for our troops since 2010 – one of many ways to show how thankful we are to these brave servicemen and women. I was proud to support this crucial legislation.


President Trump declared the month of November National Veterans and Military Families Month, to honor the significant contributions made by American service members, their families, and their loved ones. While traveling to a Veterans Day event earlier this month, I noticed a billboard on the side of the road addressing the over 66,000 veterans living in the Eighth Congressional District of Texas; it said: “Thank you for Everything. Everyday.” As many of you know, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, veterans from across the Eighth District joined our first responders and volunteers to assist those impacted by the storm. These men and women rescued citizens trapped in their homes, provided life-saving food, water, and supplies to those in need, and began the work of rebuilding our homes, churches, and communities.

As we gather with our friends and family this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to join Cathy and me in saying an extra prayer for the veterans in our community, those who continue to serve in harm’s way and to all those who served the Lone Star State in its time of need. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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