Check Out this Texas Comptroller Report: Your Money and the Taxing Facts

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Susan Combs has released a report entitled Your Money and the Taxing Facts which analyzes taxation at the local level across the state. The report is accompanied by a new web tool at which allows citizens to use interactive maps to see all of the property and sales taxing entities in their county, as well as the rates at which they are being taxed.

According to the report, the number of special purpose taxing districts that are being created is growing every year across the state, which is making it increasingly difficult for citizens to keep track of which entities are taxing them and what the money is being used for. These districts are supplemental to city, county, and school districts taxes, and can be created for services such as crime control, groundwater, libraries, emergency services, utility infrastructure and hospitals.

Statewide, the number of special purpose districts that levy property taxes has increased 45% since 1992, whereas city, county, and school district numbers have remained relatively unchanged. The same goes for special purpose districts which levy sales tax, where the amount has grown 1,900% since 1993 in contrast to insignificant growth in city, county, and transit authority numbers.

The data in the report reveals that Montgomery County has a total of 153 taxing entities, 117 of which levy property taxes, and 36 which collect sales tax. Montgomery County ranks 4th in the State of Texas for highest number of property taxing districts, and 6th for highest number of sales tax entities.

The report is first in a series of reports entitled Texas, It's Your Money which can be found of



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