Childhood Obesity Conference

Obesity is something that has a direct impact on our economy, our health care system, and the health and wellbeing of our communities. This epidemic is starting younger and younger making childhood obesity more and more prevalent. Texas ranks number six inthe nation for having the largest amount of obese children. As a result of obesity, our state alone spends $1.37 billion annually on medical costs. Last week I organized a conference with Dr. Kenneth Cooper, leaders in the medical community, and experts in their respective fields to take a holistic approach to understand the causes of this disease and put forth effective solutions. I deeply appreciated the physicians  who participated including Dr. Cooper, Dr. John T. Gill, Dr. Karl Rathjen, Dr. Jonathan Leffert, Dr. Rick Snyder, Dr. Lee Ann Pearse, Dr. Sarah Barlow, Dr. Olga Gupta, and Dr. David Teuscher. Each of these medical leaders brought a different perspective to theissue. I look forward to continuing working with them to combat childhood obesity and ensure North Texas kids have the opportunity to lead healthy, active lifestyles.


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