China’s Strategy To Accrue Global Power

It is important that Americans know who the Chinese are, what they are up to, and what their plans are in the future. We will start with North Korea 

No question about it: China could rein in North Korea and little Kim if China wanted to. They don’t want to.

That is why he is a menace to not only that region, but to the rest of the world. But China could rein in little Kim.

 They are storing millions—maybe billions— of dollars in assets in China. They could freeze those assets. 

They could cut off trade with North Korea. China must understand that it is in their interest that North Korea not get nuclear weapons; not necessarily our interest, but their interest.

When they come to that realization—which I think it is in their interest that North Korea be reined in to make sure that they don’t use nuclear weapons or continue to develop nuclear weapons or use weapons against any of their neighbors—then North Korea will cease its belligerent activities. The key lies with Beijing. 

If they make that decision, the world will be safer. If they don’t make that decision, the world and Beijing will not be safer either.

Also, I want to point out kind of their philosophy, why they act the way they do. Beijing has, first of all, little regard for the lives of the millions of Chinese citizens.

China’s communist regime shares more values with the communist North Korea than it does the U.S. For decades, Beijing’s human rights record has been among the worst in the whole world.

It has persecuted not thousands, but millions of people who are not followers of communism and Maoism. Remember, communism—because China is a communist nation, although it is not really politically correct to say that much anymore, they are a communist nation that teaches against God, and their God is the state and tells the people you have to worship the state.

So when you have an atheistic regime in charge, you can see why they persecute their own people and torture not only Christians and Muslims, but Tibetans and other people who don’t agree with their atheistic philosophy. We need to be sure, as a country built on religious freedom, that we call China out for its abuse and persecution of its own people.

I know we trade with the Chinese. They are a big trading partner.

I don’t think trade and money ought to get in the way of calling China out for abusing the people who live in China and abusing their rights of religious freedom. We can’t turn a blind eye to that merely because we trade with them as a major trading partner. 

We have learned through history that regimes that oppress their own people just seem to have ambitions beyond their own borders and subjugate those people as well. The South China Sea, most Americans probably don’t even know where that is. 

South China Sea is an area, it is a trading lane, navigation lane. It has been a trading area.


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