Congress can Pass Meaningful Legislation that Provides a Real Boost for American Families and Businesses

The following post was authored by David Williams, President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

After more than three decades waiting for comprehensive tax reform, Congress is poised to accomplish a rare feat in Washington: pass meaningful legislation that provides a real boost for American families and businesses. That is, if they can muster the political fortitude to pass tax reform once and for all.  I hope Texas’ families and business community can count on Representative Will Hurd to help get the job done.

For too long, the middle class has had to deal with a tax system that is too complex and confusing.  Small businesses are being suffocated with an unquestionably high business tax rate that hinders job creation and true economic growth. This latest tax reform effort in Congress would help address both of these issues.

By simplifying the system and lowering the business tax rate, American businesses will be stronger, our economy will grow, and the country will experience new jobs and economic opportunities being created for regular people. Lowering individual rates and doubling the child tax credit and standard deduction will help middle class American families thrive again. This really is an unprecedented opportunity—but Congress needs to act quickly.

This bill changes the failed status quo. For the sake of Texas’ middle-class families and small businesses, I urge Representative Hurd and the entire Texas Congressional delegation to get behind the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and help make tax reform the gift Washington gives to America this holiday season.


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