Congress Works to Set a Federal Budget

In the United States today, each citizen owes nearly $57,000 to pay down our massive $18 trillion national debt. If we do not get serious about tackling this spending-driven debt crisis, we will harm opportunity for generations to come. Unfortunately, President Obama’s recently unveiled budget continues to spend more and tax more. It doesn't even balance. I believe we can and we must do better. This week, the House is expected to vote on a budget resolution to get Washington’s spending under control, balance the budget, and jump-start our economy. The House will consider a budget proposal from the Budget Committee as well as a proposal from the conservative Republican Study Committee, of which I am a Member.

Along with the budget discussions, the House is also expected to vote on a proposal to permanently replace Medicare’s flawed reimbursement formula to prevent Medicare doctors from receiving a 20% pay cut. Crafting a budget is a very serious process and I am taking a close look at the different proposals. You can click the links above to learn more and please be sure to share your thoughts with me as the week progresses.


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