Congressman Sessions on The Path to Prosperity

This week, House Republicans passed our fiscal year 2014 budget plan, “The Path to Prosperity.” This responsible budget proposal lays out a vision for restoring our nation’s economic vitality through reforms that will balance the budget and cut spending by $4.6 trillion over the next ten years – all without raising taxes on hardworking families and small businesses. Our budget plan also fully repeals ObamaCare, simplifies our tax code, and strengthens our entitlement programs.

Our nation has reached a crossroads with two clear paths. We can either continue the Democrats’ tax-and-spend policies that burden our economy with crushing debt and stagnant growth, or we can chart a new course towards fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, President Obama hasn’t even presented a budget plan yet – although it was due by law in February – and the blueprint proposed by the Senate includes $1 trillion in tax hikes and $100 billion in stimulus-style spending. I urge the President and Senate to reverse course and support our plan that will encourage a strong free-enterprise system and a growing workforce.


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