Congressman Ted Poe's August Update

I hope y'all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer as August draws to a close and a new school year begins (and of course, a new football season too). This month, I’ve traveled across our district meeting with constituents and hearing about what’s on your minds.

Unsurprisingly, nearly everyone has voiced concerns with the crisis at the border and rightfully so. I recently traveled down to the border to see the situation first-hand and to speak with border law enforcement about their need for increased resources and support. Earlier this month, I was proud to support two important pieces of legislation to help safeguard and protect our southern border. These bills will pay for much needed equipment and resources for our border law enforcement, help fund increased transportation and expedited deportation proceedings and end the President's ability to go around our immigration laws and grant individuals with executive amnesty.

Importantly, this legislation is “paid for,” meaning there is no new spending. Unfortunately, the Senate has not taken up these two important bills. These are just two of over 350 bills that remain stuck in the Senate, where they sit collecting dust. You can see the list of the House passed bills, many of which are bipartisan, that await Senate action, here.

The many crises around the world are also of great concern to our community: from ISIS’s atrocious beheading of American journalist James Foley to the Iranian-backed rockets that Hamas is firing into Israel. The void in U.S. leadership across the world unfortunately has been filled by some bad actors who threaten our national security interests at home and abroad. Please continue to share your thoughts with me on these important global issues or on whatever issues are most important to you and your family. Your opinions matter and help me to better represent you in Washington.

Last week, I also spoke at a Truckers Against Trafficking rally about my bipartisan bill, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which passed the House of Representatives unanimously this spring. This group works to educate, raise awareness, and empower members of the trucking and travel industries to help combat sex trafficking.


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