Cornyn: Democrat Hypocrisy on Tax Process Extends to the Margins

On the Senate floor, I praised Republicans for pushing past Democrats’ hypocritical attempts to stall efforts to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video of my remarks can be found here

We all know it's easier to criticize than to contribute, like when many on the other side feigned outrage last Friday over small handwritten tweaks that needed to be made to the bill. Well, it's interesting, back in 2010 there was an amendment called the Durbin Amendment #3989, where during the course of the debates, it was necessary to make some changes in the bill by handwriting those changes in the bill text.

Our Democratic colleagues acted like this is the first time this had ever been done. Forty-six Senate Democrats voted for Senator Durbin's amendment which included these handwritten changes in the text.

Throughout the tax reform process, members of this Republican conference on this side of the aisle worked together, and I'm grateful for the contribution that each and every one of them made. We knew that with strong headwinds from our opponents on the other side of the aisle who wanted failure, presumably because they like the status quo rather than success, we knew this was going to be difficult, and it was, but we got it done, but we're not finished yet. As we head into a conference with the House of Representatives, the focus has to be on how we can maintain support here in the Senate.

It's a victory for American families and for our country and for our standing in the world. So when we begin our conversations with the House, let's take care to work closely together and continue to communicate.

And now with the ball on the five-yard line, we’ve just got to punch this into the end zone.


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