Cornyn on Fox: ‘Careful, Deliberate Transition’ Out of Obamacare

On Friday I spoke about the need to repeal Obamacare and provide the American people with a more affordable alternative during an interview with Fox News’ Happening Now

Obamacare is failing the American people right now today. People are seeing the premiums skyrocket, their deductibles so high they effectively don't have the benefit of the insurance that they are mandated to buy as a result of federal law.

I think what’s confused some people is the fact that it's been six years in the making to this point, and it's going to take us a little while to make the transition.

But the last point I would make is that we're not going to let anybody fall through the cracks. Some of the propaganda coming out of our friends across the aisle is somehow once Obamacare is repealed that there won't have any insurance. That is not true. There is going to be an orderly, careful, deliberate transition to make sure that nobody gets hurt in the process.

The whole structure of Obamacare was skewed because it was a partisan political exercise. There was no effort really to reach across the aisle, it was done strictly with Democratic votes.

They are still going through the grieving process following the election on November the eighth – denial, anger, and soon, I hope they will come to acceptance and realize the only way we get anything done around here is on a bipartisan, consensus-building basis. And many of them themselves have talked about things that they would change in the Affordable Care Act.

We are going to give them that opportunity to work with us to provide more affordable health care that isn't mandated by the federal government.


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