Cornyn on Fox: Tax Reform Will Put More Money in Americans’ Pockets

I recently appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the Republican framework for tax reform. Excerpts from my appearance are below, and video can be found here

What I like the most about it is it’s going to allow hardworking families keep more of their paycheck and increase their take-home pay. Then, they can spend that money on things they want, rather than have the government take a big bite out of their paycheck. It will literally lower the cost of living for all Americans across the board. And simplification, I think, is an extra bonus.

This will be the best economic stimulus I think we could possibly pass here in Washington, D.C.

We want a simpler tax code that will put more pay in your pocket when you take it home, and it will reduce your cost of living so that you can spend your money on your family, not have government spend it for you. And this is really all about pursuing the American dream.


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