Dallas Event Tuesday October 2nd at Barnes & Noble! What Women (Voters) Want!

This coming Tuesday October 2nd (that would be tomorrow), at 7:00pm, I am having my first ever book-talk and signing at Barnes & Noble in Dallas! The book signing will be at the Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble at 7700 Northwest Highway, across the street from North Park Mall. Please come and join us!

My new book is called Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! My goal is to flip the gender gap in voting (at least do my part in that effort), and to inspire more women to vote for conservative solutions to the challenges our country faces. I wrote it to inspire women to take a fresh look at the facts about where America stands today, and to challenge them to consider whether the votes they cast today will bring the future they want for our precious country.

Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! is filled with facts, figures and footnotes, but also with warm, personal, real-life stories about women whose lives have been enriched by the economic opportunity and basic goodness and greatness that is historically, inherently American. I think the real war on women in our country is the war against free markets and economic opportunity that is being waged by the American Left that prefers growing the power of government over unleashing the power of the free markets and a free people, and prefers growing the size of the class that is helplessly dependent on government over growing the economy and the ranks of those employed in the private sector.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 elections, America will have decades of work ahead to restore the nation to fiscal soundness and constitutionally limited government. The beautiful thing is, we Americans are in charge of all course corrections, and we can take the first step this fall in our elections. I want to inspire women to be on board with turning America back on course. The book encourages women to take part in the national political conversation, and in conversations with friends, neighbors and family, about what is needed to get America back on track!

Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! will be available for sale and autographing, but my real goal is to have a crowd there, to send the signal that the energy in this election cycle and beyond is with those who want a return to the stability and prosperity that only constitutionally–limited government, free markets and economic opportunity can bring. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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