Democrats For Tax Reform Before They Were Against It

Last Thursday, the Senate Finance Committee introduced our proposal that would enable more Americans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and send less of their money to Uncle Sam here in Washington, D.C.

Soon, today perhaps, Members of the Committee will have an opportunity to consider and debate more than three hundred filed amendments.

Under our bill right now, a family of four at median income, which is roughly $70,000 a year, will see a savings of about 40% on their tax bill. That may be chump change to the folks here in Washington, D.C., inside the beltway, but for hardworking Texans and hardworking Americans, that's money they can use and put to good use. And we owe it to them. If we can come up with a fairer, simpler, more competitive tax code, we owe it to them to do so.

What's so strange about the criticism that I've heard is that many of our Democratic colleagues, both past and present, have called for many of the reforms included in this legislation that they are now criticizing.

What I would suggest would be a more productive use of their time is for them is to join us, and to try to make this product even better.


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