Divide and Conquer - It's What the Left Does

Our American society does not recognize that we have been under ‘assault’ in this country for decades. Our way of life is being changed insidiously every week in ways that escapes us. Yet people seem to remain calm in their bubble and focus on ‘feeling good’ while the U.S. goes into a socialist abyss.

A common tactic in warfare is to divide your enemies’ forces in order to weaken them. Once divided, you can assault the weaker of them and take them down. That is exactly what has been happening for almost 10 years. During the Obama administration we were carved up seven ways to Sunday — rich against poor; blacks against whites; left vs. right; etc. And look where it’s gotten us. Not good!

Based on only this one example, look how we’ve managed to separate attitudes in this country according to Pew Research.

Now the question is, why do they want to conquer us and to what end..? There is a great deal of evidence pointing to our country being morphed into a socialist state. We are getting very close to the end goal. If interested, read future articles to learn who, what, when, and how.


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