Do Both – The Swamp vs. the President on Corona

We have a figurative war on our hands, but not against enemy bullets. It is not against the Coronavirus itself. Unlike even a few weeks ago, it is now not even about overcrowded hospitals. It is now against bloated and overreaching government infringing more and more on liberties and the resulting absolute destruction of our economy and livelihoods.

An epic battle is being waged between the bureaucrats and big government lobbies (aka “The Swamp”), and the people, led by our President Trump.

The mantra was “flatten the curve”.  We were panicked by models from Imperial College (London) and IHME (Washington state) that, were based on very limited estimates of various modeling parameters then. We were breathlessly told that 2.2 million souls would die in the United States alone.

Those who opined that this disease did NOT appear to be as described, especially after more data became known, and that it primarily affected the very elderly and those already at great risk (i.e. those who are at great risk of ANY illness whatsoever), were ridiculed and as the “only the flu” crowd. The Swamp might as well have called them corona-deniers.

15 days would solve things, the Swamp told the President. 15 days. The stock market plummeted. Retirement 401k savings vaporized. 21,000,000 have lost their jobs. Twenty One Million jobless. The best economy in the history of mankind to twenty one million jobless in just three weeks.  Let that sink in.

Still, the Swamp tells the President that we need 30 more days just to be sure. Congressional baconmasters, the Fed, and the Treasury spring into action and authorize trillions of fiat cash. In other words, they are printing money. Gold and Silver prices surged. 401k savings sink even lower.

Hospitals, having been told by the Swamp’s central planners to not do elective surgeries and to get ready for “the peak”, suddenly found themselves nearly empty in some cases. MRIs and Physical Therapy—both critical tools for medical care and profit centers for hospitals—ground to a halt. Hospital company personnel, and even medical staff themselves, suddenly faced economic disaster and layoffs.

Suicides, as predicted, have increased. Domestic abuse, as predicted, has increased. The amazing American supply chain, while still remarkable, is straining. Milk is being dumped in fields. Produce rotting. Meat wasting.

The Swamp and the Snowflakes cried to the President for more masks, more gowns, more hospital beds, more ventilators. Yet curiously, they did not shut down crowded mass transit in the hardest hit region, the Northeast around NYC, just as NYC had not earlier stopped crowded parades. Philly also had parades in 1918.

The Swamp discounted good news regarding several therapeutic options, including hydro-chloroquine, an anti-malarial that has been used for a number of conditions—SAFELY—for decades. Don’t ask the Swamp “experts”. Ask the rheumatologists, who actually have experience with them for their patients.

Yet strangely, the Swamp never even did small limited testing to investigate just how bad this disease was.  Nor did they conduct even limited double blind or control testing they have often preached as being necessary. We still do not know “the denominator” in the mortality rate, in spite of over 3,000,000 tests.

The bias was clearly in maximizing death counts and to blame as many of those deaths as possible—real or not—on corona. Part of the CARES act even reimburses hospitals 15% MORE for treatments for corona than for ordinary medical issues.

Carmakers stopped producing cars and turned to ventilators. Most will now never be used.

Case counts are declining by almost every measure, almost everywhere in the world. Naturally. Including Sweden, that never really shut down but has relied mostly on developing a societal (or “herd”) immunity, as we always do for new cold and flu strains. Their economy stayed mostly open, albeit with their citizens being asked to take common sense, ordinary, voluntary precautions.  The R0 (“R-zero” or “R-naught”) value is not as high as modeled. The mortality rate is nowhere near as high as modeled. The hospital nightmares have not happened. The “running out of ventilators” will never happen. Though corona may eventually catch up, this season’s ordinary flu death count is DOUBLE that of corona. The corona-deniers may be proven right.

A failed or even severely damaged economy has severe consequences. These include fatalities. Think real socialism. Think Venezuela. Think Sudan. Think Zimbabwe. Think post revolution China. Think Somalia. Think post World War I Weimar republic.

It’s past time to realize that the Swamp has no clothes. The vaunted modeling was horribly wrong.  This is not Ebola. This is not the 1917-18 flu. This is not a Hollywood movie script where we all die in the end except for one lucky couple.

It’s time to do as the President suggested a month ago, that the Swamp objected to. “Do Both”. Those at-risk can continue to self-isolate-VOLUNTARILY-and those who are not at risk can get on with their lives. Work. Restaurants. Movies. Meetings. Everything. We can also all help by wearing masks—something else the Swamp advised not to do but we now KNOW helps lower the R0 spread.

Wear Masks. Practice Six-foot distancing. Self-Isolate. Self-Liberate. Get America Working Again. NOW.


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