FAA Hiring Policy - Looking Beyond the Obvious

During the Obama administration the hiring policy/process for air traffic controllers was changed — radically changed.  For the average person to get their head wrapped around this insane policy should be extremely difficult.  If the changes were moderate in nature, the public could possibly perceive them as reasonable.  But the extremes to which Obama & Co. went to insure lesser experienced and unfit employees got hired should be described as no less than scary!

To suggest that the impetus for this radical change was ‘equal opportunity’ is simply nuts.  But that is what you are expected to believe, that the air traffic controller community was just ‘too white’. I beg to differ, if nothing else based on the radical nature of their process change.  If you can get past the obvious and ask yourself what other motive could the owners of this process have, you come up with only one very scary answer — chaos.

Watch at least the first 3:30 of the following shorter video taken from Fox News and the Tucker Carlson show.  If this news doesn’t blow you away, nothing will. Try to rationalize this insanity. Trust me, it is near impossible.

Regardless if you’re left, right, or upside down, you should find this is of serious concern.  And this has been going on since 2014!  We’re lucky more people haven’t died in the last four years due to traffic control problems.

To be clear, an equal opportunity excuse should not be acceptable to anyone.  Even if you’re a minority, you should be concerned about mom visiting the kids in Rochester.  And with just a few minutes of personal analysis you should come to the conclusion that the real purpose of this move is much more nefarious than what you may think on first blush.

If you’re a democrat you should be concerned about where the Left is trying to take this country.  You should be asking ‘who’ are these people and what is their objective.  If you aren’t using this sort of critical thinking, then don’t complain when this country comes crashing down around you — literally…


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