Fighting EPA's Expansion of Power

Two new regulations issued by the EPA represent the largest expansion of power by the federal government in our nation’s history. The EPA’s new water rule would allow the federal government to regulate all man-made and natural bodies of water, including those on private property. The rule allows the federal government into our backyards, regulating private and public lakes, ponds and streams.

And the recent power plant rule is all pain and no gain for American families and workers. By imposing strict carbon regulations on existing power plants, the Obama administration will force many power plants to close down costing thousands of jobs and driving up electricity prices.

And for what? U.S. emissions have already declined nine percent from 2008 to 2012. Studies show that dramatically cutting carbon emissions in the U.S. will have little impact on global temperatures in the future.

Rather than more regulation, we should focus on technological innovations that cut energy costs, create jobs and can be used worldwide. This would help other countries, like China and India, reduce their carbon footprint as well without costing American jobs.

For more information about my work as Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and our efforts to hold the EPA accountable, please visit the Science Committee website.


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