Gordy Bunch on Port of Beaumont Importance & his Military and Business Experience – Texas Senate District 4 Race

This past Saturday I met up with Gordy Bunch at the Port of Beaumont, Texas. Mr. Bunch is running for Texas State Senate District 4. This will be a special election, which will be held on Saturday, May 10th due to the current State Senator, Tommy Williams, having stepped down. Texas State Senate District 4 goes from Montgomery County, Conroe and The Woodlands, all the way over to Jefferson County, Beaumont and Port Arthur.

Over the next few days, I will create the transcript of the questions I asked, and the answers from Gordy Bunch. That will take a little more time. For now, I wanted to go ahead and post the video highlights, the main topics addressed, and some of the pictures.

In the following video, you can hear Gordy Bunch discuss the Importance of the Port of Beaumont, TX. The Port of Beaumont is on the east side of the Texas State Senate District 4. This port is extremely important to the United States and even the world.

Beaumont/Port Arthur is the fourth largest port in the United States of America. The Port of Beaumont is the largest port in the world for the United States Military. The Keystone Pipeline will be ending here and that will greatly increase the oil and gas moving in and out of the Port. The Port of Beaumont even helps feed parts of the world due to the massive amount of grain exports.

Gordy Bunch served in the United States Coast Guard and his job was to protect ports. In the interview, Mr. Bunch discusses the importance of knowing how to protect the Port of Beaumont.

Mr. Bunch is also a very successful businessman. Thirteen years ago, he started a company with $10,000. It is now a billion dollar company with thousands of employees. Mr. Bunch talks about the importance of knowing how to create jobs and cut regulations that prevent jobs from being created today. This is especially important in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area where unemployment is high, but the potential for great economic development is there due to the expanding port and the Keystone Pipeline.

Gordy Bunch also addresses veteran issues in the interview. When he got off of active duty, he experienced what he calls Hero to Zero. Soldiers are trained to do an important job in the military, but when they get out they are not able to transition into a civilian job. Mr. Bunch also finds it hard to believe that Texas has in state tuition for illegal immigrants but not for military active duty members and their families while they are stationed in Texas.

Mr. Bunch talked about his campaign slogan, “Our Greatest Generation Should Always be in our Future.” He wants to work to create an environment so that the greatest Generations are still to come.


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