Here’s a New Thing You’re Not Allowed to Say

We can now add another item to the list of things we’re not allowed to say.

Chase Bank got raked over the coals by the outrage factory the other day when it posted a Tweet that went as follows:

Chase was flayed alive for this.

So there it is: do not suggest that anyone’s low bank balance may have anything to do with poor financial decisions.

This is called “poor shaming.”

Now you and I know plenty of people who need to hear precisely what that Tweet said. Heck, sometimes you and I ourselves need to hear it.

But nope. Not allowed.

Just when you think things can’t get any more stupid and self-destructive, something like this happens.

Now yes, as the author of Meltdown, I can at least understand people who hesitate to accept financial advice from an institution that accepted bailout money during the financial crisis. You will find no more outspoken opponent of that stuff than your host here.

But come on: that is not why the outrage exists. Had Chase accepted not one dime, I’m supposed to believe that this screeching wouldn’t have occurred?

In fact, a great many progressives like Rachel Maddow and Matt Yglesias supported the bailouts. Maddow went on a late-night talk show to tell America that without the bailouts we wouldn’t have had an economy.

(I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.)

So no, these folks don’t have a lot of credibility on the bailout front.

And yes, sometimes blunt things need to be said, and for once the perpetually aggrieved ought to shut up and listen.

That is not a world we are likely to inhabit soon.

Until that time, you have at your disposal the great haven of sanity, the best gathering of bright folks anywhere. Ask them anything, and they’ll overload you with intellectual ammunition.

I refer, of course, to the Tom Woods Show Elite.

Can you really imagine not belonging to such an illustrious group for even one day longer?

Surely not:



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