The Hill Report: Week of January 22 - 26, 2018

This week I was delighted to spend time with North Texans across the 32nd Congressional District to learn how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has impacted their lives. It was amazing to hear the stories from small businesses, doctors, job creators, and families who can keep more of their hard-earned money. It was a pleasure to listen to them and I look forward to learning more about how our pro-growth tax reform is helping all Americans. 

Meeting with North Texans 
Texas Moving Co.
Family owned businesses like the Texas Moving Company are the epitome of an American success story. Dick and Rosemary Dumais had a dream in 1975, built a business based on integrity and hard work, and have grown from a mom and pop shop to a 43-year-old organization that employs 40 full time employees and hundreds of part time laborers. It was a pleasure to visit their facility, learn more about their operations, and hear how they are using the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to give back to their employees.


Juliette Fowler Community 
For the past 125 years the Juliette Fowler Community has been a cornerstone in East Dallas. As a friend of the neighborhood they have welcome residents with open arms and provided a place for them in a community that the majority have called home for decades. I was delighted to come back to the community for a second time to visit with residents and answer questions about important topics of the day. We had a robust discussion about the upcoming plan to address DACA, reforming social security, and how our new tax reform plan will help them have more money in their pockets. I told them a story about my dad who is 87 years old. Judge Sessions worked until he was 86 years old, he contributed to his country through public service, paid his dues to Uncle Sam, and gave back to his community. My dad has pulled the wagon for so many years, that I think its time for him to be in the wagon. The residents of Juliette Fowler are the same, they are wonderful citizens who have given back to their community their entire life, it’s time for them to enjoy the ride. 

Congressman Sessions talking with residents at the Juliette Fowler Community 

Garland and Northeastern Railroad 
Thursday I joined the men and women of the Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad (DGNO) in Garland, TX. The DGNO is a local short line railroad that is part of theGenesee & Wyoming Railroad network, and plays an integral role in the North Texas economy by providing first- and last-mile rail access between local manufacturers like O'Neal Metals and Plastipak and  the Class 1 railroads that ship goods and products all over the country. During my visit, I was delighted to join the Garland employees at their Safety Appreciation Luncheon and discuss the Republican tax reform plan and how, as their Member of Congress, I am fighting on their behalf to ensure they and their families can continue to pursue their American Dream.

Congressman Sessions visiting the DGNO

SB International 
SB International, Inc., headquartered in Uptown Dallas, is an international steel distribution company primarily involved in the manufacturing and supplying of products used in the energy sector. I had a great opportunity on Thursday to meet with their executive team to discuss economic outlooks as it relates to business, theinfrastructure of North Texas, and relevant trade practices of the United States. This company is dedicated to their customers by providing specific, high-quality products and developing a comprehensive network of sources and production facilities across theglobe. I look forward to continuing our discussion on how we can encourage business and continued prosperity for companies and individuals across the great state of Texas. 

Congressman Sessions with representatives from SB International 

I had the pleasure of meeting again with local members of AARP on Thursday. This group is dedicated to serving senior citizens and ensuring that they are well equipped to have a high standard of living after retirement. I appreciate them taking the time to meet with me multiple times during the year as it is important that we continue to discuss ways to prioritize our older generation. The RAISE Family Caregivers Act, which I proudly cosponsored and was recently signed into law by President Trump, focuses on creating a strategy in order to recognize and support family caregivers. I look forward to continuing to work with the local AARP members in North Texas. 

Congressman Sessions with members of AARP 

Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce 
I have always believed that the free enterprise system is the greatest economic model in the world. Here in Dallas, Texas, we have harnessed thepower of this system and it has resulted in a booming economy, more jobs, and more opportunity for Texas families. As the former Chairman of theGreater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce I had the opportunity to work with the small businesses and job creators who were the engine of this system. It was an honor to be able to recognize MaryBeth Shapiro for her commitment to our business community and award her with the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce’s Pete Sessions Award. She is absolutely deserving of this honor and we are extremely fortunate to have her as a leader in our community.

Congressman Sessions with Darlene Ellison presenting the Pete Sessions award to MaryBeth Shapiro 


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