How Blue State Voters Compare to Red State Voters Part 2: What Does California’s 43rd Want Congress to Do?

When asked what Congress should focus on, California 43rd District voters stated growing the economy and health care. 25% of Republicans, 29% of Democrats and 23% Independents want Congress to focus on growing the economy and 31% Democrats and 25% Independents want Congress to work on health care reform. Republicans want Congress to concentrate on tax reform and restraining government spending and reducing deficits after policies growing the economy. (4)

Missouri Voters vs. California voters on objectives
Higher percentages of Missourians want Congress to emphasize economic growth compared to California voters and both Independents and Republicans want Congress to work on reducing the budget and deficits whereas Democrats want more work on health care after policies designed to grow the economy. Among California voters, 24% Republicans and 16% of Independents want work on tax reform compared to 18% of Missourian Republicans and 16.5% Missourian Independents.

Missouri voters across the board want economic growth as the number one concern and the major difference among Missouri voters is that Independents and Republicans want Congress to restrain spending and deficits as their number two objectives whereas Democrats want Congress to work on health care reform.

California Independents like their Democratic counterpart want Congress to work health care along with growing the economy whereas Missouri Independents follow Republican lead on tax reform and restraining budget spending and deficits.

Wisconsin Voters vs. California voters
Wisconsin voters like voters in Missouri wants Congress to make growing the economy their number one objective but Republicans and Independents also want Congress to work on healthcare and restraining budget spending as their number two objectives while Democrats want Congress to follow up on health care behind growing the economy, similar to what California voters want. Wisconsin Independents follow Republicans lead but 43rd District Independents follow the lead of California Democrats.

Montana Voters objectives vs. California Voters
Montana 41% Republican and 29% Independents favor Congress work on growing the economy along with 26% of Montana Democrats. Montana Democrats just like their California Democrats prefer that Congress work on health care followed by policies growing the economy. Montana Independents agree with Republicans that Congress should focus on restraining the budget after growing the economy but Independents equally feel that Congress should work on health care.

California voters want economic growth but they want continued work on health care reform. In our poll of California voters, we asked whether voter wanted a plan that allows to keep their doctor and their plan plus buy inexpensive plan, with 70% of voters saying yes. 65% Democrats, 65% Independents and 82% of Republicans want more choices in their health care and in buying a health care plan that cost less, both weakness with the present Obamacare. If a candidate understands that many aspects of the Republican plan are popular, a candidate can promote a more flexible health care than Obamacare not just as strategy for health care but also part of an overall strategy of promoting a growing economy with a health care plan that cost less and allows voters to keep their own money.

Another issue that can be used as part of a strategy to grow the economy, education reform. In the same poll, education choice is popular with voters in California’s 43rd district and this could lead to reforms that a candidate can take advantage of in promoting a growth oriented campaign. School choice benefits many minorities, allowing them the ability to attend better schools and aiding in their future job prospects. (9)

California voters want a growing economy but they differ from voters in Montana, Wisconsin and Missouri in that Independents in the 43rd follow the lead of Democrats in wanting health care reforms, while many Independents in red states carried by Trump want to emphasize growing the economy along with tax reforms and restraining budget.


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