Hurd Pushes for Broadband, 5G Development

As a former CIA officer, cybersecurity entrepreneur and IT Subcommittee Chair, I proudly joined my colleagues yesterday to pass several bills to increase broadband capabilities and ensure the United States continues leading the way in 5G.

The technological change we’re going to see over the next 30 years will make the change we saw over the last 30 years look insignificant. We must be prepared for this disruption and be ready to take advantage of technology before it takes advantage of us. That’s why I’m proud to start this new year off by joining my colleagues in a much-needed, bipartisan step in the right direction on broadband access and 5G development. These bills will benefit the United States for future generations not only at home across local South and West Texas communities, but also abroad in our economic competition and technological race against China.

The House passed the following bills to ensure we continue to lead the way in technology:

This summer I stressed the importance of the need to out-innovate China and to maintain Western principles in advanced technologies in an op-ed for USA Today.


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