ICYMI: Rep. Van Duyne Joins Roundtable Discussion with Leader McCarthy

I recently joined Leader McCarthy and Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Jackie Walorski, Fred Keller, Kevin Hern, and David Schweikert for a roundtable discussion on the Democrats' far-left socialist spending spree.

Click here to watch my remarks.


“Small businesses are the backbone of our country, and yet they seem to be the enemy of this administration. This administration is doing everything it possibly can to crush small businesses.”

"The supply chain [crisis] is not just an inconvenience – it's crushing small businesses. But it's also a national security issue, and this bill doesn't do anything to address it at all. In fact, it's pushing more and more jobs overseas." 

"In the wake of trying to open businesses back up, all [the Biden Administration is] doing is threatening them with increased corporate taxes, increased capital gains, increased inflation, and more supply chain issues."


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