Inflation Reduction Act

Last week, I voted against the called “Inflation Reduction Act,” a piece of legislation that weakens American businesses, increases the costs of energy for families, hikes taxes, and funds a new, 87,000-person strong IRS army to audit low-and-middle-income families. 

Here’s a pretty good rule of thumb for this legislation: If you are one of Biden’s chosen green special interest groups – then you get a handout paid for by American taxpayers. 

But for small, independent American Energy Producers in the Permian Basin…your reward for keeping the lights on is a new, poorly conceived “natural gas tax” that will raise the costs of everything and give China an edge on our American manufacturers. I offered an amendment to strike this provision. Democrats voted it down in the Rules Committee – voting against U.S. energy and for foreign energy.

If the Democrats' goal is to reduce baseload reliable power sources and increase our dependency on foreign nations, they are successful with this bill. If their goal is to create regulatory red tape to drive up energy costs for Main street businesses and families, they are also successful.

If their goal is to help American families and small businesses, they have absolutely failed. 

My Republican colleagues and I will not fail you. We remain committed to always advocating for your rights. I will always put America first. This is why I confidently voted AGAINST the Inflation Reduction Act in the house today. 

Watch my stand against this disastrous bill here or above.


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