Introducing a Balanced Budget FOR the American people

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says “show me your budget, show me your values,” so that is exactly what my colleagues and I in the Republican Study Committee have done. In this budget, we clearly demonstrate that Republican values are American family values.

We value balancing our out-of-control budget, protecting the southern border, keeping taxpayer dollars from funding the radical Left’s woke agenda, saving Medicaid and Social Security from Bankruptcy, and securing American energy dominance.

My bill, the Midland Over Moscow Act, is included in this budget. Midland Over Moscow will force the Biden Administration to craft an energy strategy where they have none. It will make us stronger and will ensure that we are not reliant on any foreign countries for our energy. American energy security is national security. 

These values presented in our budget are essential to maintaining our free and strong country. Click here to read the full RSC budget. 


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