Joe Biden and His SOTU Bag of LIES

On February 7, 2023 Joe biden spoke to the nation in his second state of the union address. As expected he lied throughout his speech and at times made no sense.  

As Lucifer is the father of lies and wants to drag us all to hell, it seems Biden is an able-bodied assistant. The mendacities came rapidly and assuredly like a machine gun taking down its target, the American people. 

The lies were too numerous to count and his self-praising was comical. It was a complete display of dishonesty. His ludicrous insistence that the GOP wants to slash and sunset Social security and Medicare caused the GOP to break decorum. It was Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene that yelled, “Liar” loud enough for all to hear. Biden seemed to enjoy this combative moment and finally caved and admitted that the GOP would leave Social Security and Medicare alone. It really came easy to smile and be grateful that someone was willing to stand up to all his ridiculous assertions. 

The falsehoods just got bigger and better as the rhetoric continued. Other absurd statements were: 

Inflation has been a global problem because of the pandemic that disrupted supply chains and Putin’s war that disrupted energy and food supplies.

COVID left other scars, like the spike in violent crime in 2020, the first year of the pandemic.

Equal protection under the law; that’s the covenant we have with each other in America.

I signed an executive order for all federal officers banning chokeholds, restricting no-knock warrants, and other key elements of the George Floyd Act.

Let’s launch a major surge to stop fentanyl production, sale, and trafficking, with more drug detection machines to inspect cargo and stop pills and powder at the border

Ban assault weapons once and for all.

But America’s border problems won’t be fixed until Congress acts.

Congress must restore the right the Supreme Court took away last year and codify Roe v. Wade to protect every woman’s constitutional right to choose.

The Vice President and I are doing everything we can to protect access to reproductive health care and safeguard patient privacy. But already, more than a dozen states are enforcing extreme abortion bans.

Make no mistake; if Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it.

Let’s also pass the bipartisan Equality Act to ensure LGBTQ Americans, especially transgender young people, can live with safety and dignity.

Biden hasn’t announced he will run for a second term but he inserted, “let’s finish the job” and “But we know our work is not done” several times during his speech. It sure sounded like a campaign rally instead of a SOTU speech.

He of course has no intention of closing the border even though his open border policy is the cause of fentanyl entering the USA. This brought another audible response from the GOP. A member shouted out, “It’s your fault!”  Biden remained in denial because no mention was made to secure the border. He actually blamed Congress for the problems at the border.

His total obsession in giving access to women to kill the unborn is demonic as is his statement that transgender young people have a right to mutilate their bodies. It’s totally insane to say they should “live with safety and dignity.”  Mutilation and castration is safety and dignity?

The Republicans have a rough job ahead. They must push forward and not capitulate to the Left and their radical agenda.  Democrats love being victims so care must be taken that an 80-year-old man does not become a victim thereby having voters cast their ballot out of pity or emotion in 2024.  

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders former White House Press Secretary for the Trump Administration was tapped to give the Republican rebuttal that will not soon be forgotten. Her statement, “The dividing line in America is no longer between Right or Left, it’s a choice between “Normal or Crazy.”  No truer words ever spoken by the youngest Governor in the nation.

He finished his SOTU address with, “Because the soul of this nation is strong, because the backbone of this nation is strong, because the people of this nation are strong, the State of the Union is strong.”  The American people are resilient and believe in a power greater than the government and not in this administration that has weakened our country in all aspects.  Leaders such as Sanders give our nation hope for the future.  America will prevail!




Just in case you want to read biden’s SOTU address just follow the link. (copy and paste)


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