Legislation Passed in the House this Week

Creating Jobs, Lowering Gas Prices, and Increasing Energy Security
The United States is the largest producer of petroleum and natural gas, yet outdated regulations – such as the crude oil export ban – hold our economy back from reaping the benefits that would come from being a key energy supplier to the world. I proudly voted for H.R. 702, To adapt to changing crude oil market conditions, to create jobs, lower gas prices for American families, and strengthen our nation’s energy security.

Voting to Ease Regulations for Homebuyers
On Wednesday the House voted on legislation to ease regulations for homebuyers. I was pleased to support H.R. 3192, the Homebuyers Assistance Act, to create a temporary safe harbor period from enforcement of a new rule imposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This hold-harmless period will allow the CFPB to work with homebuyers to address these implementation hurdles without burdening American homebuyers with inefficient federal regulations.

Developing Native American Energy
On Thursday the House voted to level the playing field for Native American tribes who wish to develop their own natural resources. H.R. 538, the Native American Energy Act, addresses the federal government’s onerous overregulation of Indiana lands by streamlining regulations to empower tribes to develop more of their own natural resources. This bill will help create jobs and increase our nation’s energy supply, and I was pleased to support it.


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