Let the Cash Registers Ring! Reopen Texas NOW

The lockdowns imposed on us by our state, county, and city officials are unconstitutional.  They have caused more harm to our state than the actual virus they were supposed to protect us from. It’s time to reopen.

Some people supporting the lockdowns in Texas say “better safe than sorry.”

However, when 11,000 people died from the flu in Texas during 2017-18, no one panicked.

In 2018 there were 3,639 motor vehicle fatalities in Texas, but we didn’t shut down the roads.

As of today, there have been 732 fatalities attributed to COVID-19 in Texas. That is .0025% of our population of 29 million.

Meanwhile, over 1.3 million Texans have applied for unemployment since March 15. That means over 9.3% of the 14 million Texans that make up our labor force have lost their jobs, largely due to the shutdowns.

I don’t think the unemployed are feeling very safe, do you?

The shutdown orders have forced us into an economic depression that will impact the livelihoods of millions of Texans for months and possibly years to come.  These restrictions should be lifted immediately, and individual citizens, businesses and churches should be allowed to adopt their own procedures for staying safe from infections, viruses and auto accidents, etc, etc.

I applaud Governor Abbott for “starting to move” things in the right direction. He recently announced that he will allow his executive order to expire on April 30th, and that he will gradually lift some restrictions on businesses and churches. Let’s all pray he lifts the rest of them sooner, not later..

While I have long supported Governor Abbott and still do, I am still suing him over his executive shutdown order because it was a direct violation of our Texas Constitution.  We cannot allow his actions on Covid19 to establish precedent for the future.

Elected leaders do not have the right to suspend laws and violate the constitution, even if they perceive that doing so is for our “safety.”

Please call Governor Abbot at (512) 463-2000 and ask him to reopen Texas.

God bless you, and may He help the struggling business owners and unemployed individuals find new opportunities. ​


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