Looking Towards (the President's Take) on the State of Our Union

This week, President Obama will attempt to salvage what's left of his presidency and downplay the damage his Administration's failed policies have done to hardworking taxpayers and all Americans. In the midst of a second term riddled in scandals, dismal jobs reports and loss of faith in government, this week should be interesting. We'll see if the Obama Administration is offering more than the same old empty promises and blame-shifting this year.

President Obama will be delivering his 2014 State of the Union address Tuesday night to lay out his Administration's legislative agenda before Congress and the American public. In the address, he'll outline the initiatives that he believes will help improve the state of our union.

So what current issues impacting our country should the President focus on? According to the latest George Washington University "Battleground Poll," 85 percent of voters think it's crucial for President Obama to talk about the economy, 83 percent say jobs, and 73 percent believe he needs to address the federal deficit. What do YOU want to hear from the President Tuesday night? To participate in my own (unscientific) survey on what you expect from his State of the Union, click here.

While the numbers speak volumes about the issues concerning the majority of Americans, President Obama is expected to spend Tuesday night's address pushing for the use of executive action to get what he wants - or, in his own words, by using "a pen and a phone."

At a time when 53 percent of Americans consider the Obama Administration "incompetent" when it comes to running the government... the Administration's solution is BIGGER government and MORE executive actions that circumvent the role of Congress, undermine our Constitution and stifle economic growth. This is the current state of our union under the Obama Administration.

Given that December's jobs report was the worst in three years, the LAST “solutions” our country needs are ones that usurp the legislative process and enforce costly and burdensome mandates on America's job creators. Instead, we need to focus on solutions that will put people back to work, spur economic growth and give everyone a fair shot - like the dozens of jobs bills we've sent to the Senate (to name a few: Skills Act, Innovation Act, Reins Act, Northern Route Approval Act, Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation Act) that all remain stuck on Harry Reid’s desk.

In order to improve the state of our union, Washington needs to get out of the way – whether at the doctor’s office, in the job market, or at the gas pump. We need less government—NOT more—to get our country on the right track. Most importantly, we need less talk and more action to create more jobs and grow our economy. Even for a high-stakes address delivered once a year, words are just words.

My friend and House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) will deliver the Republican Address to the Nation following Tuesday’s State of the Union address. It will be a conservative message – with broad appeal for all Americans – about how we believe a government that trusts the individual is the best way to help people find good-paying jobs, take home more of their paychecks, and build a thriving middle class. You can find out more about Cathy and stay up-to-date on the State of the Union by visiting http://SOTU.gop.gov.

Tuesday night, I'll be in the House Chamber listening to the President. I doubt he will propose the solutions I feel we need, but I remain optimistic. We are a resilient nation. We can weather the Obama years and rekindle that fire on our hearts known as the American Dream.


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