Making Prescription Drugs Affordable Again

Many Texans struggle every day to afford lifesaving prescription drugs - not because they aren’t widely available, but because cost often prohibits access.

In a Senate Finance Committee hearing this week on the sky-rocketing costs of prescription drugs, I questioned our witnesses on one of the biggest problems I see in health care today: how these medicines are priced. 

Various parties involved in the pharmaceutical process often employ mysterious and complicated formulas when negotiating the price of prescription drugs with insurers, hospitals, and other middlemen, and can drive up the cost of lifesaving medicines.

You can watch what I had to say below:

To mitigate rising costs, the Trump Administration announced this week it’s taking action to help lower drug prices and prioritize patients and families. This would be welcome relief to the millions of Texans who have to make tough choices when it comes to buying their medication.

I’m committed to finding a solution so Texans can live without the burden of wondering how to cover their health care costs.


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