Manufacturing Jobs Surging Under Trump

In 2016 President Obama said there was no answer to bringing manufacturing jobs back to hard-working Americans – not unless we had a “magic wand”.

Boy, was he wrong. While manufacturing jobs shrunk under Obama, they have grown by over 450,000 under President Trump. Blue collar employment is surging, paychecks are growing, and thanks to Republican tax reform and balanced regulations, America is now enjoying a new era of manufacturing rebirth.

We are seeing that growth here at home. A few weeks ago I toured two new manufacturing plants in East Texas that created 100 new jobs with nearly $100 million of investment in the local community. Last week I toured Packers Plus Energy Services in Tomball, Martin Marietta and Century Asphalt in the Navasota Industrial Park, and Eagle Pressure Control in Grimes County.

Together, these local companies are seeing strong growth, investing millions in new technology to stay competitive, hiring new workers, and expanding their markets. And each of them are proud to be part of their communities.

Unfortunately, too many in Washington and on the presidential campaign trail are trying to return to the slow-growth, America-can’t-compete days of the disappointing Obama economy by raising taxes and imposing more mandates and regulation on Main Street America. They don't understand there's no magic wand. Just get Washington out of the way of America’s job creators - they'll do the rest.


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