New Congress Set to Start with a Vote on Windstorm Bill

Tomorrow, Congress opens a new legislative session. I am truly honored and humbled to represent the 19th District of Texas and to bring the values of West Texas and Big Country to Washington. Our newly elected Republican majorities in the House and the Senate will hit the ground running to work together to get America back on track. With this new political landscape, we will have greater opportunity to pass bills that will be sent to the President’s desk. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will no longer be able to block legislation from coming up for a vote, and we cannot afford to waste any time.

At $18 trillion and counting, our national debt continues to skyrocket. Each American citizen now owes roughly $56,500. This burden will harm opportunity and future prosperity. Getting our fiscal house in order continues to remain one of my top priorities.

I am pleased to announce that this week, as one of our first votes in the new Congress, the House will likely vote on my bill, the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Act (NWIRP). Last year, without opposition, the House passed NWIRP to promote research to help minimize the devastating effects caused by windstorms. It was not taken up by the Senate. We have found that $1 in investments in resilience against windstorms can result in up to $4 dollars in savings in disaster response. I am very pleased that the House will once again take action on this important taxpayer protection bill. I hope the Senate will also consider this legislation soon and we can move it to the President’s desk to become law.


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