Official @PBS Twitter Account Favorites Tweet Attacking @BrandonDarby UPDATE: APOLOGY!

The following is an article by Lee Stranahan:

Your tax dollars at work.

The official @PBS twitter page of the Public Broadcasting System favorited a tweet by ‘communist, queer’ Jesse Smith aka @SFTovarishch attacking Brandon Darby.

Darby, a friend of mine & fellow protegé of Andrew Breitbart, helped the FBI stop bombings at the 2008 Republican Nation Convention.

PBS aired a deceptive documentary called Better This World about the incident.

He started the Twitter attack on Darby this way…

According to the sworn testimony of the two convicted anarchists Bradley Crowder and David McKay, Darby did not frame them. Among other destructive acts, the two built Molotov cocktails

None of these facts matter to Smith as his rant continues.

Twitter is full of people with more opinions than followers, of course.

But one of Smith’s tweets against Darby–after referring to him as a ‘pig snitch’-was actually favorited by the national, official PBS account.

This shows the clear agenda of an employee of PBS.

And yes, Jesse stands by his ‘hanging’ comment.

UPDATE: PBS removed the favorite and apologized.


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