Our Mounting Debt Poses a Significant Risk

When I talk with constituents about what they feel is the biggest threat to our great nation, an overwhelming amount say our national debt. Our mounting debt poses a significant risk to not only the financial stability and security of our country but unfairly saddles our future generations and jeopardizes their opportunity to live the American Dream. As a unified republican government we finally have a real opportunity to get our fiscal house in order. While this is not an easy task, the budget resolution passed by the House this week puts forth a responsible framework that balancesthe budget within 10 years – without raising taxes – by cutting spending, making necessary reforms, and growing the economy. 

Currently, our deficits are expected to reach $1.4 trillion annually within next 10 years. Under our plan, we would turn this crippling debt into a $9 billion surplus by 2027. We would achieve this by tackling one of the biggest drivers of debt:– wasteful spending. Since Republicans have taken control of the House we have reined in wasteful spending and under this blueprint we would cut $6.5 trillion of waster over next 10 years.

We have a responsibility to get our country back on track and that starts with getting our fiscal house in order. I proudly supported this budget resolution to restore fiscal sanity in our government, unleash free enterprise system, and ensure our kids and grandchildren have the opportunities they need and deserve to thrive in our great nation.


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