Pete Sessions Statement on January Jobs Report

Today, I released the following statement regarding the Department of Labor’s unemployment report for the month of January:

Today’s unemployment report underscores the need for the Obama Administration to join House Republicans in prioritizing job creation and economic growth. At a time when our nation is experiencing such high jobless rates and the GDP has contracted by 0.1 percent in the last quarter, it is clear that we need real leadership that will responsibly tackle the challenges facing our nation.

Texans deserve better than a government that accepts chronic high unemployment, and that is why I will continue to demand that Congress address our record deficits and unsustainable debt to provide certainty in the marketplace. House Republicans remain committed to policies that will make life better for American families and small businesses. I urge the President and Democrat-led Senate to join our efforts to enact fiscally responsible policies that will reenergize our economy and help get Americans back to work.



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