Pete Sessions Statement on July Jobs Report

Today, I released the following statement in response to the Department of Labor’s unemployment report for the month of July:

American families and small businesses are struggling, and today’s jobs report further highlights the need for pro-growth policies to get our economy back on track. Unlike the President’s call for higher taxes that Ernst & Young says would destroy more than 700,000 jobs, House Republicans voted this week to ensure that no one sees a tax hike during this period of chronic unemployment. Raising taxes on small businesses – our nation’s key job creators – will only make it more difficult for jobless Americans to find work.

We need to look no further than today’s jobs report and the sluggish 1.5 percent GDP growth in the second quarter to see that our economy needs relief from the Administration’s failed policies. I will continue to support legislation that restores certainty to the economy, puts the American people back to work and ensures a brighter future for generations to come.



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