Pete Sessions Statement on the March Jobs Report

While I’m pleased to see that more Americans were able to find employment last month, we must do more to help create more full-time, good paying jobs. Despite the fact that our economy has added jobs, far too many American families are still struggling to make ends meet. In fact, since the president has taken office, the median household income has declined by $2,484, largely because of an increase in low paying, part-time positions at the expense of well paying, full-time jobs. Further, 8.6 million people still remain unemployed or underemployed and in need of a full-time job. While the president and Democrats are claiming that the recent increase in job growth is good enough, I believe that we can and must do better for the American people.

Republicans know what it takes to unleash robust economic growth and provide Americans with the opportunities they need and deserve. Last week, House Republicans passed a budget that cuts spending by $5.5 trillion, calls for a full repeal of ObamaCare and balances the budget in less than 10 years. This plan is an example of fiscally responsible solutions that will ease the financial burden on American families and stimulate economic growth. I remain committed to fighting for solutions like these to get our economy back on track and expand opportunities for the American people.


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