Promoting a Stronger and Safer Community

This week, I was proud to join House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady at Three Brothers Bakery to celebrate the largest tax cut in history.

The average family in our area is keeping an additional $2,700 per year of their hard-earned paychecks because of last year’s tax cuts. It is money that can be used for a mortgage payment, a down-payment on a car, or to save for their children’s education.

These tax cuts, coupled with the money I secured in last year’s disaster relief bill for Harvey survivors, will further support the flourishing economy and the resilient spirit of every Houstonian in District Seven.

I’m very grateful for Janice and Robert Jucker’s hospitality at their Braeswood bakery location. Three Brothers has endured hardship, including four floods, Hurricane Harvey, and a fire. Throughout every disaster, the bakery continued to pay their employees, and it never once occurred to them not to rebuild. They exemplify the true Houstonian spirit.

In addition to my work to ensure our community becomes stronger than before Harvey, I am focused on making District Seven safer for our kids. Each year, more than 11 million Americans abuse or misuse prescription pain medicines. In many cases, unused or expired prescription drugs in family and friends’ medicine cabinets become the source for many to start and continuously fuel their addiction. Everyone knows old leftovers in your refrigerator can make you sick. But leftover drugs in your medicine cabinet can be much more harmful—they can kill.


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