Rebalancing America's Prosperity

A recent article from Prophecy News Watch tells of the plight of Americans today and how they are struggling to ‘survive’ our current economic status.  Understanding that there are those who will always be ‘at the bottom’ of the food chain — by choice or otherwise — we need to understand ‘why’ we’re in our economic situation, and what will get us out of it.

The American people are, in general, resilient and good at ‘coming back’.  The Revolutionary war was a great example of that resiliency.  All we need is the right motivation, and then get out of our way!  World War II was another example — the Japanese learned that lesson at a high cost.

But, one can argue, that we are in the situation we are today because of the things done in this country during the Obama era — not just economic, but our world status and sense of leadership in the world.  Like FDR, Obama made a recession into a gloomy time with little growth and extended that period mercilessly.  We were told that 1.5-2% growth was the ‘new normal’.  Every time we would watch the news, we would see him bowing to kiss some foreign leader’s hand or disparage America in some way.  And on the local front his did everything he could to pit this country against itself — economically, racially, politically, etc.  Is it no wonder we were depressed for eight years?

During his tenure he did his best to allow those from our southern border to enter this country without any resistance.  Today we have millions of lower educated people flooding our welfare system and taking up some of our lower paying jobs.

But even worse, he did his best to promote the moving of good paying jobs overseas!   Now even those who were skilled workers were busted down to lower paying jobs shoving those beneath them to even lower paying jobs (what used to be part-time jobs).  Now that’s depressing.  Many in America had to obtain two jobs to make ends meet. . .  sort of.

Now today there are those who complain that president Trump hasn’t done enough (anything) for those who struggle at the lower-middle-class in our society.  Although he implemented a tax reform which has re-energized our economy, there are still those complaining that we haven’t done enough for the middle class.  Well, give the man some time and let him implement phase-2 of his tax plan — that being another tax cut specifically for the middle class.  (Estimates are that he wants that cut to be 10% and for the middle class only.)

But now that the democratic party has taken over the House, it is very doubtful that they will help employ yet another cut.  My guess is they’ll do what they can to get rid of his first cut!  If that were to happen, we’d be in the next recession for our country quickly.  Then we’d all be very unhappy.

Reality is that around 47% of the American public do not pay taxes at all.  Many of them in fact receive government benefits and do little to nothing for them.  It is therefore hard to devise greater help for that group.  Therefore we should work on those who are in the next ‘rung of the ladder’ — those in the lower part of the middle class.  If we give them a ‘leg up’ to help them raise even higher in the middle class, they would leave behind them a vacuum for that 47% to get to work or get a better job.  At least some of those people would rise quickly.

To help facilitate this entire scenario, we need to bring a lot more jobs back to America.  Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost to India, Russia, China, and other societies with some level of education and ‘motivation’.  A significant example of that work is IT jobs — programmers, engineers, etc.  Those are the jobs that will be most critical in our very near future.  Technology has only started and has a long way to go toward automating the world.  We need to move on this issue now while we still have some level of expertise left.  (Babyboomers are dying off at a rate of 10,000/day!)  If not, our country can slip further down the food-chain in this world leaving it’s people in an even more depressed state.

To whine and complain and ask for handouts is not the American way.  We do NOT need a socialist society.  We are more than capable of lifting ourselves out of the funk the Obama administration put us into.  We just need to fight those who are trying to drag us into a third world situation so that an extreme minority can rule this country with an iron fist and take all of our riches for themselves.  Every socialist country in history has done just that to their people.  We must not allow that to happen on our watch!!

Please excuse my seeming rant.  It’s veteran’s day and the military in me is showing.  But we actually do need more fighters in this country and less whiners.  Please recommend this reading to your friends to help re-energize America.  We’re better than this.

The following ‘poor me’ article is what motivated this response.  I hope you can see why I wrote what I did.

62 Percent Of All U.S. Jobs Do Not Pay Enough

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