Reforming the IRS

The Ways and Means Committee has been working hard on three important, bipartisan bills to reform the IRS, develop our workforce, and make retirement programs work for all Americans. 

The Taxpayer First Act of 2019 will redesign the IRS for the first time in 20 years and put taxpayers first. We have a new tax code -- it’s time for a new tax collector.

The JOBS for Success Act will increase the number of qualified workers by reforming welfare programs to ensure that more people are getting a good-paying job – and keeping it.

Finally, the SECURE Act will help families save more and save earlier for the future, ensuring folks have control over their own education and retirement savings in order to deal with whatever life throws their way.


Looking forward, Ways and Means Republicans and Democrats are working together to lower the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. health care system. This week, the Committee will review a package that includes provisions to ensure better reporting on drug prices, drug price increases, and drug samples. We all agree that more must be done to lower out-of-pocket costs for the American people.


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