Rep. Roy Joins Bipartisan Effort to Rein in Big Tech

On Wednesday, I joined my House colleagues in a press conference to discuss bipartisan antitrust reforms that seek to address abuses of market power by big tech companies.

Some of my key quotes are below and full footage of the appearance can be found at the link here:  

  • This ought to be a wake-up call for all of us to make sure that the backbone of our economy, small businesses, entrepreneurs, free enterprise as we understand it as Americans, is alive and well and strong, and make sure that we’ve got the right structures in place to be able to preserve and protect that.
  • We saw last year, Amazon make about 100 billion dollars in additional revenue, with 100,000 small businesses- over 100,000 small businesses, across this country, closing down.
  • As people that should be committed to civil liberties and should be protecting civil liberties, we should all be- on a bipartisan basis, working to ensure we’re protecting small businesses, people, their data, empowering the free market to work, and not allow some of these large corporations to step all over that.

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