Rep Roy's statement against raising the debt ceiling

On Tuesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after voting against legislation to increase the debt ceiling:

I will not vote to saddle my kids and grandkids with more debt. Nor will I vote for a debt ceiling increase that will be used to advance the government funded tyranny Americans face every day. This includes an unsecure border operationally run by cartels bringing human trafficking and fentanyl to our communities, Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools, an FBI that targets parents for exercising their First Amendment rights, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, a government-created labor shortage, and policies that inflict energy poverty and foreign dependence on hardworking Americans.

Moreover, this measure paves the way for a multi-trillion dollar attempt to transform this country into a full-blown leftist nightmare.

Leader McConnell should have stuck with his pledge to not vote to raise the debt ceiling rather than aiding Democrats in racking up debt to fund tyranny over the minds and hearts of the American people.


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