Rep. Van Duyne Calls Out President Biden's Damaging Policies to Social Security

I recently published an op-ed highlighting who the most immediate victims of Biden’s overspending are – seniors. I wrote:

Biden is dragging the United States from crisis to crisis, causing rising prices on everything from gas to lettuce and crippling inflation, laying the ground for a national security collapse, and jeopardizing our global standing on financial and economic fronts.

Biden’s inflation-causing policies are making it increasingly harder for people to afford everyday necessities. While it was good news to see a cost-of-living increase for seniors, make no mistake: That increase will still leave seniors unable to afford the compounding inflation tax caused by this administration. Today, senior citizens stretch their monthly Social Security payments, but the next generation might not know Social Security at all.

If measures are not developed to set Social Security back on a path to solvency, the next crisis of Biden’s presidency will put millions of seniors in poverty.

Read the full op-ed here



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